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serena williams 6-4, 7-5 to book her spot in the finals tomorrow night. it started at 15-30, second serve, and a foot fault called here. we're trying to magnify the look. and from that angle, you just can't see whether that left toe was on the line or not. but it was called a foot fault, which made it 15-40. then serena williams charges after the linesperson that made the call and apparently pro feignly and verbally abused her. referee brian early comes out. the explanation given to him. there had already been the crashed racket at the end of the first set by serena williams and a warning then, so this becomes the second code violation, and a point lost with that is match point. let's get the explanation from mr. early himself. he's with mary jo. mary jo: brian, take us step by step to what happened to get serena defaulted at the end. >> well, it was not an immediate default. it was a point penalty that happened to be given on match point. she had had an earlier warning for racket abuse, and at -- i believe it was deuce, she was called for a foot fault, and a point later she said somethin
to the semifinal match, as kim clijsters has defeated serena williams 6-4, 7-5 to book her spot in the finals tomorrow night. it started at 15-30, second serve, and a foot fault called here. we're trying to magnify the look. and from that angle, you just can't see whether that left toe was on the line or not. but it was called a foot fault, which made it 15-40. then serena williams charges after the linesperson that made the call and apparently pro feignly and verbally abused her. referee brian early comes out. the explanation given to him. there had already been the crashed racket at the end of the first set by serena williams and a warning then, so this becomes the second code violation, and a point lost with that is match point. let's get the explanation from mr. early himself. he's with mary jo. mary jo: brian, take us step by step to what happened to get serena defaulted at the end. >> well, it was not an immediate default. it was a point penalty that happened to be given on match point. she had had an earlier warning for racket abuse, and at -- i believe it was deuce, she was called for
. >> serena williams loses it and she loses it. we'll show you an unexpected end to her title defense at the u.s. open. >> and college football week two is over, but there is a brand-new poll. >> all right. let's update you on early games here. they are in the fourth quarter in houston where the jets lead the texans 24-7. mark sanchez and his regular-season debut, strong showing so far. 272 yards with a touchdown and one pick. meanwhile, since the last update, the broncos added another fieldgoal. it is 6-0, still waiting for the first touchdown from either team with 7:03 left. denver cowboys have taken a 20-13 lead in tampa. tony romo with 223 yards passing and is a pair of of touchdowns and the eagles continue their roll. but donovan mcnabb was injured to make it 38-10. we'll update you and get more information. donovan mcnabb was seen reaching for his lower back. >> tony gonzalez has his first touchdown catch as a falcon. chiefs and ravens, at 17, touchdown and flacco answers. jaguars down two against the colts. five and a half minutes to go. addai and wayne has touchdowns. thanks for hangin
at the u.s. open in new york can agree on is this -- the semifinal match between serena williams and kim clijsters was a barn-burning moment but all anyone can talk about is how it actually ended. and one player's stunning comeback has been ellipsed by another's behavior. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> the swine flu vaccine may be available sooner than expected. health secretary kathleen sebelius says the first round of shots cold be ready about a week ahead of schedule. >> we're on track to have an ample supply rolling by the middle of october but we may have early vaccine as early as the first full week in october. we'll get the vaccine out the door as fast as it rolls out the production line. the earliest doses are probably going to be targeted to he
to serena williams. why are so many public figures serena williams. why are so many public figures being so rude? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening, we're going to begin with a flurry of activity that occurred here in new york. members of the joint terrorism task force, new york police and the fbi raided several residents today looking to break up a suspected terrorist attack. just days after the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, authorities were tracking a suspect to arrived in new york over the weekend. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross picks up the story. >> it does follow a long weekend for the fbi as it tracked a young afghani man that arrived in new york. conversations led authorities to believe that other plot against new york, while not imminent, might certainly be in the works. >> reporter: it was just after midnight when new york police and federal agents raids this apartment house and several other reasons. they had expected to find bomb-making materials but none was discovered. >> there was reason to believe that was connection to al qaeda or al qaeda
't say i would kill you. are you serious? >> serena williams, tossed from the u.s. open. does the punishment fit the the u.s. open. does the punishment fit the crime? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. president obama is heading into a very big week on two iues that may well define his presidency. tomorrow, it's the economy. mr. obama hes to the scene of the crime, wall street, where he'll give a speech on the first anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers, which many believe triggered the financial crisis. on thursday, it's health care. reheads to maryland for another rally to push his controversial reform plan. today, more cracks were developing in a central pillar of that plan. here's david kerley. >> reporter: the president is regaining a bit of momentum in the health care debate, according to polling. >> hello, minneapolis. >> reporter: progress he's trying to capitalize on, looking like a campaigner. >> i will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits. either now or in the future. >> reporter: but this weekend showed the divide in the health
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or james bond. >> plus -- >> venus and serena williams are owners in the dolphins. >> by the way, they lost. for owners of the team, they're all smiles. >> coming up -- >> halle berry went to boa for dinner. she got some sparkly dessert. >> i was there and i didn't see her. >> i was there and i didn't see her. >> you didn't see the giant >> what a beautiful baby! >> we have hugh jackman in new york with the wife and the kids. i defy you to not like him after watching the video. he's dressed up, looks really nice, yet he still goes to the playground and pushes the girl and plays on the swing. anyway, we say ever since you started doing the play with daniel craig, we wanted to know -- >> who would win in a fighting, wolverine or james bond? >> wolverine would kick his ass! >> i would think wolverine would win. >> he's cool, bond. but, you know. >> we say how about in real life between you two? >> what about in real life? he's pretty tough. >> i think he'd go the distance. >> i don't know how well the british with fight. >> they can fight good. are you kidding me? they love getting in fights.
. serena williams and teenager melanie oudin, a rising star who pulled off her third upset in a row today. kelly wallace has her amazing story. >> reporter: playing with a mix of confidence and determination well beyond her 1 years..., melanie oudin's fiery brnd of tennis has won the hearts of american tennis fans, becoming the hottest at this year's tournament. >> i'm so happy to be in my first quarter final in a grand slam ever! >> reporter: today's win over 13th seed russian nadia petrova was her third straight upset of a ranked player and overwhelmed her parents and twin sister. it makes her the youngest american woman to make the quarter finals of the u.s. open since serena williams a decade ago. >> she's a bulldog. she kept on fighting even when she was down. >> reporter: hailing from the suburbs of atlanta, oudin proved herself to be a true georgia bulldog, losing the first set and almost the match before coming from behind. >> she gave me a couple free points and i started playing better and getting my confidence and believing that i could do it and i did. >> reporter: the spunky
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. >>> and later, behaving badly isn't just for the congress. it is also at the u.s. open. serena williams' tirade. [ birds squawking ] [ moos ] [ man announcing ] if you think about it, this is what makes theladders different from other job search sites. we only want the big jobs. welcome to theladders. a premium job site for only $100k+ jobs and only $100k+ talent. >>> last september after taking home several emmys why are 30 rock, she said she hoped she would soon be finished playing sarah palin on saturday night live saying, i want to be done playing her on november 5th. if anyone can help me be done playing her on november favorite, that would be good for me. she got her wishful this week for playing sarah palin, she got another emmy. and saturday's creative arts prime time emmys, they are calling it for best actress in a comedy for stand-up of sarah palin. and her acceptance speech, fey that, "mrs. palin is an inspiration of working mothers everywhere because she bail on her job right before fourth of july weekend. you are living my dream. thank you. >> for a little history lesson going back
cierto está hermoso. estuvieron {noteÑ] >>la violenta reacción de de la famosa tenista serena williams le val un costoso castigo, es que fue multada portqylqbshúkph presidente de la república listo. >> estamos ahí. >> no, ok. >> es que nos quedamos. con un saludo de serena. >> además yo... los 10.000 dólares no son ni el 10% de lo que se está ganando. >> serena williams lo que dijo. hizo así. >> un pelo de un gato. >> hizo así. tome, si teníauniv 10.000 en cambio. en monedas. damas y caballeros además de tenis, hoy día tenemos mucho fútbol mexicano en esta nueva jornada si usted tiene 10.000 dólares que le sobran aguante para ir con serena algún lado alguna vez. venga. >> arrancamos el resumen de la octava fecha del apertura mexicana con la goleada del américa frente a estudiante tecos. están de sub líderes a sólo un pto del líder toluca. los diablos no quieren ceder terreno y vencieron a los indios en ciudad juárez con gol de mancilla. están penúltimos en la tabla del descenso. >> en monterrey, los rayados siguieron el ascenso al vencer a los potros 3-0 y están
ending to the women's semifinal match. how serena williams' temper sent her packing. >> this is not what arthur ashe would have liked to have seen at any point. that's arthur's widow. she is carrying on his legacy. my conversation with her, coming up. so that's why, you know we've adjusted... ...a lot of the different processes we have in place such as rolling out more innovative products to really meet the needs of our customers. because what might have been good six months ago for them, might not be good now. there's a lot going on right now with helping out customers. one of the unique features that we just brought out recently was actually called add it up. our risk free cd is a very powerful tool that we have for our customers. we're refinancing their mortgages. how are you saving for the future? how do you pay your bills? my own dad uses online banking and he loves it. every single day. he's looking at his account, if he's a penny off he's calling me. you just have to learn to just, you know, just be there. we want to make sure that our customers understand, that we understand, wha
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words dethrone a defending u.s. open champion. did serena williams get what she deserved or did the referee overreact? and police say it's the end of a crime spree. they say they have caught the man who robbed at least ten banks in at least four states. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. you're in the "cnn newsroom." >>> ann iie le spas supposed to get married today. she's the subject of an investigation. she's been missing since tuesday. susan candiotti is following the story from new york, and there are new developments today. susan, i understand that they are examining what they believe to be evidence that might be linked to her. >> reporter: they're not sure if it is evidence but they are certainly testing materials found inside that medical research lab where annie le was last seen on tuesday. a law enforcement source close to the investigation tells cnn that authorities are looking at bloody clothes that were found hidden in ceiling tiles inside that building. now again, the fbi says, for the record, that it does not know whether these clothes are in any way connect
to figure it out. old fashioned common sense. or is it? at this moment serena williams not only holds the u.s. open crowns but also wimbledon and australian open. she is number 2. that woman who owns a grand total of let me see, zero grand slam titles is the world number 1. many in the tennis world are a little tweaked over this numerouser. how could she be ahead of a woman. she ought to be wearing a brown uniform. the thing is it is not an injustice after all. if you view tennis as a sport that takes place in four two- week installments each year maybe it is. sadly tennis' great detriment that is how people now a days especially in this country view the sport. in nongrand slam events serena williams has gone a 20 and 9 with zero tournament titles but look at this woman. she has gone 35 and 9 winning three titles. her brother agrees that it is tough to ignore that difference. >> on this ranking she is number 1 in the world. and serena williams, even though she won two grand slams this year she is number 2. sorry. that's the way. deal with it. >> you've got to deal with it. that is her big b
. serena williams at the end of her semi final match at the u.s. open last night. take a look at how this went down. >> and that -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] i didn't say i was going to kill you! are you serious?! are you serious?! i didn't say that. >> yeah, when your defense begins, "i didn't say i would kill you," don't know if this is going well. we have to put this in some perspective, what we're seeing here. >> let's do that. >> let's start with what was called -- there's a line judge that called a foot fault. which essentially means she had her foot on the line when she served. this is a call you hardly ever, ever see and you certainly don't see it in match point or close to match point at the u.s. open semi final. there's the judge there walking off. serena was upset, obviously, because she was close to losing the match. she was then penalized for going off the way she did. >> yeah, that conduct. >> the conduct cost her one point. >> which -- >> one point is all her opponent needed to win. >> cost her the game. >> and you saw what happened, the finger pointing, the cursin
. >> and serena williams, still feeling the effects of that meltdown at the u.s. open. she responded you could win $100,000 with scrabble at subway. play the game millions have won. everything from prius cars to beaches vacations, cash and live nation vip access. play scrabble at subway... where winners eat. ♪ >> after winning his first five starts with the phils, cliff lee is 1-2 with a #.60 era in his last three. bottom two, bases loaded, and carlos rue he's early on, that will clear the bases. ruiz with the double, 4-0 to the phils. the rest is up to cliff lee. there he is trying to go the distance. and he does so. the six-hit shutout with nine k's. and the phillies win it 5-0. fourth career shutout for cliff lee. first in the national league. he's now 7-2 with the phils. phils were 13-3 with the nats this year. in his nine starts with the phillies, cliff lee has as many wins, complete games and shutouts as he did in 22 starts with the indianaians. the eagles have added michael vick to his 53-had minute roster. because of his two-game suspension, he can't play until september 27th. john clay
's ravens win 38-24. >>> to a bizarre and totally out of character finish for serena williams. it came when she lost her temper over an official's call. abc's andrea canning has the tirade that is now going to cost the tennis champion. >> reporter: it's the 10 nice tirade heard around the world. saturday, a stressed-out serena williams couldn't keep her cool on the court. first, she was warned about smashing her racket. but it was her outburst over a foot fault that was the final straw for tournament officials. who awarded a point to her opponent citing unsportsmanlike conduct. >> i didn't say i would kill you! >> reporter: that lost point cost millions. >> i used to have a real temper. i've got an lot better. i know you don't believe me but i used to be worse. >> reporter: tennis tireides were once as much a part of the sport as the game itself. >> answer my question! the question, jerk! >> reporter: but sensational scenes like these have become more rare in recent years. one reason players are on their best behavior these days, there's a lot less to argue about when technology has the fin
on our next lf hour of "news4" at 4:00. >>> did you hear it, can you read lips? serena williams pays the price and gets back on the court today following that tirade against the line judge at u.s. open. >> he said, what? swift reaction to the comments made by kanye west at the mtv music awards. >> and what you need to know before you pick up your next rental car. one company's instituting a new ban. we'll find out what you won't be able to do any longer. >>> and welcome back, everybody. at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here are some of the top stories at this hour. >>police investigating the murder of a grad student at yale university say there's no further threat to students on campus. the body of 24-year-old annie le was found yesterday on what was supposed to be her wedding day. stuffed in a wall in the building where she was last seen. police aren't saying whether they've identified a suspect, but they do say they have no one in custody. >>> president obama has issued a new warning to wall street today. says big bankers and investors cannot, cannot expect another
. the belgian pulled off another upset today. she will face the winner of the serena williams match in the semifinals. one final note, the serena williams match is set to start at 7:00 tonight. that is a look at sports. >> thank you. >> they are a formidable opponent. >> theery formidable >>> the biggest question in the health- care debate has always been how to pay for changes. a new proposal is targeting a specific industry. >> insurance companies will be on the hook to pay for a big piece of the health care legislation. under the plan, insurance companies will be charged a new fee based on how big they are. the entire industry could end up paying $6 billion a year, 2010. the total price tag is under $900 billion, coming in >>> any changes in your forecast? >> it is going to be on settled, cool, and cloudy for the next few days. we will keep our fingers crossed that it will clear out for the weekend. >> time will tell. >> thank you very much. abc world news is coming up next. >> we will see you at 11:00. have a good night. big oil. special interests. washington lobbyists. they've
of the weekend. drama on the tennis court. how much money will serena williams have to pay for that little meltdown? >> taylor, i'm really happy for you, i'll let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! >> like stealing candy from a baby. hear what everyone's saying about kanye west tonight. >>> and taking a look at the temperatures now from dunbar middle school. beautiful day today. 81 degrees. norm is coming up with the full forecast. >>> oh, the match is already going badly for serena williams. then came the meltdown. after losing the first set to kim clijsters she smashed her racket on the court. got her first warning from the judges. when she was called for a foot fault she really lost it. >> (bleep) -- (bleep) -- (bleep) (bleep) >> i didn't say i would kill you. are you serious? >> officials ruled it unsportsmanlike conduct. despite her pleading the judges award her opponent an extra point. williams lost the match and in the end she was booed off the court and served with a fine of $10,000. >>> this is certainly a lot closer than we expected but the ravens
to the women's semi final match. how an official's call and serena williams' temper sent her packing. tastes too good. there is fiber. [ chuckle ] no. i can't taste the fiber in this chocolate. they have 35% of your daily value. hmm. oh, samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. bonus on every single purchase. what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? now more than ever, it pays to discover. >>> nobel peace prize winner and father of the so-called green revolution has died. the agriculture scientist died yesterday in his home. he received the nobel peace prize in 1970 for his work with high-tech crop varieties. his green revolution helped to double world food production between 1960 and 1990. borlaug was 95 years old. >>> if you tweet, it's yours to keep. twitter is letting users know that anything they post will always belong to them. this is an effort to avoid the kind of user revolt facebook encountered when it published murky wording that the site might claim ownership of the words and photos posted there.
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. >>> chaos onth court of the u.s. open. now serena williams is slapped with a hefty fine. feed the senses. >>> welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news. police in new haven believe they have found the body of annie le found in the building where she worked and was last seen. >>> president obama is on wall street to make a major speech on the economy and will look back at the lehman brothers' collapse one year ago. >>> just days after the 9/11 anniversary osama bin laden has issued a new message. he says president obama is powerless to stop the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >>> the first swine flu shots could be coming in less than a month. health and human services second kathleen see bealous says the first round of h1n1 shots could be ready by the first week of october. that is sooner than expected and ahead of the peak of the flu season. the first shots are intended for vulnerable groups and health care worke. >>> chicago police are investigating the death of a disgraced political fund-raiser. christopher kelly raised money for ousted governor blagojevich. kelly was fo
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talk, why a tirade cost serena williams a hefty fine. >>> the opponents of the president's healthcare plan hit the road. today their bus tour makes a bus stop here at our region. i will tell you where straight ahead. >> reporter: we know that a win is a win, but what about the on fridaybefore school,ey so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way. l'eggo my eggo. a hot breakfast to go. buy a coffee or any delicious dunkin' beverage and get our new sausage biscuit for just 99 cents. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'. >>> a bus tour across the country. the message one group wants to get out about healthcare reform. >>> acorn scandal. >>> why the film maker is now demanding an apology. >>> and the ravens start off the season with a win, what coach harbaugh thinks about his how his team plays. >>> good morning. it's monday, september 14th. i'm patrice harris. >>> congress, it's a monday and you have to get up and get back to work.
foreclosed upon. the first lady wore his gown, now he's giving back in style. and serena williams pulls a john mcenroe move at the u.s. open. why did she unravel and look out venus and serena, two young sisters are on your tennis field. i'm don lemon. >>> we start with a grim development surrounding the case of a missing yale graduate student, annie le. she was set to marry her fiance on long island, new york, today. instead the 24-year-old pharmacology student disappeared. investigators are looking for her and our susan candiotti has been following the latest developments and joins from us new york. what of this new bloody evidence, the clothing? >> what a bittersweet day for le's family and her fiance. here's what we're finding out, don. we understand, according to a law enforcement source close to the investigation that they found some clothes with blood on them, hidden in the ceiling of the medical research building where le was last seen on tuesday of last week. now, the fbi is not saying specifically what items they are testing. they will only say they're taking a close examinatio
>> i didn't say i would kill you. are you serious? >> serena williams loses her cool and her u.s. open hopes. happenings on the hard court ahead on "msnbc sunday." plus the health care fight has president obama turned the tide. what more can he do to convince america change is good. also ahead, pick pocketers, payback. why are these takers now givers. it's a fall from grace for a football mascot. will he ride again? a very good morning to all of you. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. out west. we begin with the latest on the search for missing yale graduate student annie le. police are analyzing the first potential evidence of a crime found in the very building le was last seen. this is a difficult day for annie le's family and friends, the day she was ready to get married. that ceremony supposed to start in about 30 minutes. mike taibbi is live with the latest. so mike, let's get to the evidence. what do you know about it? >> reporter: hi, alex. what we heard yesterday from a source at the new haven police department is bloody cl
of a ruthless killer? >>> where is civility. kanye west crushing taylor swift, serena williams going off on a judge, f-bombs galore and joe wilson and his you lie outburst. what is going on here? where is the self-control? the decency. call in 1-877-tell-hln is the number. e-mail me at it is your chance to be heard. >>> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is prime news. >>> welcome. this is "prime news."ú moments ago connecticut's chief medical examiner confirmed a body found in a yale lab was the body of annie le yesterday, the same day the 24-year-old was supposed to marry her best friend. bloody clothing was found at the crime scene, tucked inside ceiling tiles. police say her murder was not random. she was targeted. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining us pat brown, criminal profiler, hln law enforcement analyst mike brooks and producer for the nancy grace show rupa mclalaney. >> we have confirmed within the last hour that the body found behind the wall is, in fact, annie le. it is confirmed. the medical examiner's office is not releasing the
talented. all right. a little more on that kind of tone a little bit. tennis star serena williams will pay at least $10,000 for her pro fanlty laced tirade on the court. went off on an open official that called a foot fault. penalized being oesh the line, lost a point for the outburst and that lost her the match. >> serena's $10,000 fine is the maximum penalty under tournament rules but an official says, this is a quote, the process isn't over. that's because serena could lose $350,000 she earned just by reaching the semifinals. keep you posted on that. we have the duelling outburst by serena and kanye, plus congressman joe wilson's heckling the president last week. we want to know what do you think about all of this outrageous public conduct? is a vilcivility dead? call us or e-mail us. vote on the hln facebook page, and you can text. the word views plus your comments to hln tv, standard text rates apply. >>> elton john says this little boy from ukraine, the one you're about to see, stole his heart and he wanted to give him a new chance, but the singer's adoption attempt it is being block
sigg, taking on serena williams. williams, outstanding in the four grand slams. putting it on sync. takes the first set, 6-1. second set, up 4-1. serena, she goes on to win, 6-1, 6-1. >>> that will do it for now. i am the coach. jeremy and vinita, back to you in the studio. >>> well, madonna topped herself last night, breaking her own record for a top-grossing tour by a solo artist. >> as 60,000 fans packed the park for her final concert of the sticky and sweet tour. it raked in $400 million. madonna has been attending kabbalah-related events. tomorrow, she meets with benjamin net hue. >>> an abstract artist is making quite a splash in texas. >> a dolphin has been taught to paint. he's been doing it for almost a year now. he has developed his own style. his trainer says painting is not just for fun. but it's a great natidi andon m coordination and mental reasoning. ♪ crunch time, wheat thins. you and your tasty whole grain. this can only end one way. (crunch) wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. have at it. crunch. what makes a hershey's bar with almonds pure? pure happines
coming from the tennis court. serena williams lost her cool and she'll have to pay for it. >>> check out santana moss at the meadowlands yesterday. this was a big moment in the game early. we'll break it down coming up. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world deliver
than we thought. also what billy jean king thinks of serena williams and her outpufrt at the u.s. open. >> serena was uptight that night. i never heard her use that language and i thought that's not the serena i know. >> are we are back from san diego at fortune magazine's most powerful women's summit. a lot more here shortly, but first from mike galanos who has the down low. >> the food and drug administration approved the h1n1 vaccine. health and human serfs told congress the first doses go out early next month with large scale vaccinations october 15th. >> once ready, the vaccine will be shipped through a central distribution system and available in up to 90,000 sites around the country. every state was asked to develop a plan and identify the appropriate vaccination sites and our contractor is shipping directly to the sites. there is not a glitch along the way. >> there will be enough vaccine for everybody but women and pregnant women should get it first. a death row execution has been put on hold because prison officials can't find a vain. he was convicted in the 1984 rape and mur
steve kane, has interesting thoughts on that. bill: did you test this over the weekend? serena williams letting a line judge have it, cursing up a storm and threatening to take his life. did she? she lost the match. could a loss to be on the way? intriguing. "kelly's court" is on the case. ♪ ooh, yeah wiggle your day with jell-o sugar-free gelatin. ♪ ooh, yeah it's 10 tasty calories... loved by lips and hips alike. ♪ shake it, shake it, ooh, yeah ♪ jell-o. because every diet needs a little wiggle room. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. call or go online for a free supply and up to $160 in offers from authorized postage vendors. shipping's a hassle! weighing every box... actually, with flat rate boxes you don't need to weigh anything under 70 pounds. if it fits, it ships for a low flat rate. ok, but i ship all over the country. you can ship anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. ship internation
the vaccine was set for mid month in october. >>> serena williams was wildly -- widely, rather, expected to be defending her title at the u.s. open but she's not. she lost that match yesterday after an outburst on the court. here's what happened. serena williams was called out for a rare double penalty. it's a foot fault leaving her one point away from losing the match. then she flipped out on the judge, screaming, cursing, threatening to sthuv the tennis ball down her throat. >> i didn't say i will kill you. are you serious? are you serious? i didn't say that. >> joining us now sportswriter dave zarin. good morning to you. i looked at your face watching that. was it shocking? >> yes. >> jonl mcenroe we know. >> it wasn't only shocking to me and viewers, it was shocking to john mcenroe. he said from the booth that he couldn't defend the indefensible. and serena williams has no reputation for these kinds of tantrums, and let's face it. tennis is a country club sport. the reason why we remember john mcenroe is because of those kinds of outbursts which are so out of step with the kind of ge
costó caro a la estrella del se inicio serena williams. >> una cadena de crímenes. >> en el intrusoes desatan el caos con una cámara de testigo. siga con "primer impacto."univis  {noteÑ] >>la violenta reacción de de la famosa tenista serena williams le valió un costoso castigo, es que fue multa portotz@mrpc]kph listo. >> estamos ahí. >> no, ok. >> es que nos quedamos. con un saludo de serena. >> además yo... los 10.000 dólares no son ni el 10% de lo que se está ganando. >> serena williams lo que dijo. hizo así. >> un pelo de un gato. >> hizo asíprimer.actoome, si t 10.000 en cambio. en monedas. damas y caballeros además de tenis, hoy día tenemos mucho fútbol mexicano en esta nueva jornada si usted tiene 10.000 dólares que le sobran aguante para ir con serena algún lado alguna vez. venga. >> arrancamos el resumen de la octava fecha del apertura mexicana con la goleada del américa frente a estudiante tecos. están de sub líderes a sólo un punto del líder toluca. los diablos no quieren ceder terreno y vencieron a los indios en ciudad juárez con gol de mancilla. est
all about it, next. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >>> all right. serena williams, she apologized against today, kind of an updated apology. watching the u.s. open tennis tournament when the lineswoman called a foot foul. she responded like this -- >> all right. well, for those of you who didn't see that, didn't hear that, what she said was, i will take had blank ball and shove it down your blank throat. she wasn't saying yellow abu. she ended up losing the match. afterwards she had a press conference and she released then what she called a sincere apology. it said in part -- margo was actually there when this happens. was the mistake the first mistake she made in your reaction, but in the heat of competition things happen sometimes, but afterwards she seemed so cool, calm and collected at the press difference, why didn't she take that opportunity to apologize? was that the first big mistake she made? >> i think in the heat of the moment that would have been the best place to do it, but i think she plays with so much fire, so much emotion, she probably was still shocked by what took place
." a pioneer, latino first. part of our new series on latin pioneers. serena williams pulls a john mcenroe move at the u.s. open and it cost her bigtime. >>> right here on cnn we are profiling, those who overcame obstacles and shattered stereotypes for history. part of our series. i spoke earlier with oscar, the first hispanic to win the pulitzer prize for fiction for his book, "mambo king." i asked him how it felt to be a first. >> when i actually wrote that book, the mambo king play songs of love," i wanted to do something about the way i grew up in new york and the intersection of cultures, mainstream american as we see it through qults i love lucy" and the lives of two cuban musicians who are immigrants. i never thought the book would get published when i first wrote it. because of that, having been poor in the first place, had nothing to lose, having not expe expected to be publish, i felt enormous amounts of freedom. all those energies, energy of life changing and interpreting lives, sort of in that book. i'm very proud of it. the pulitzer was secondary for me. when i talk to young kids t
with the forehand. she will become the youngest to events since serena williams did back in 1999. the staggered through a 12th straight winning season. the pittsburgh pirates said the new standard for pro sports utility. a bid pirates lost to the cubs. that's the longest consecutive string in baseball history. 17 in a row with more losses than wins. that is good news for the orioles. but if they did not get a turnaround, they could be in that neighborhood. >> you do not want to be there. >> we will be right back with a look at the 74 test run after this. ahhh. time to get the latte budget under control. mm-hmm. [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? here goes the good old steam. [ pfffft! ] whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help... because it cleans the mess with less than the bargain brands. it's thick and absorbent. and really durable. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand. [ steam hisses ] why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. now with new prints. >> the sear
tiene a los llamados favoritos en ruta a la recta final, dos de ellos pasaron rafael nadal y serena williams. les cuento que hay nuevo campeon en la open cup de futbol, partido jugado anoche en el robert f. kennedy. seattle sounders fc. derroto 2-1 a d. c. united, con anotaciones de montero 67", levesque 85" y desconto simns 89". seattle sounders f.c. es el nuevo campeon de la copa abierta de los estados unidos. a pocos dias para otra fecha de clasificacion al mundial para sudafrica, en la seleccion de pspcolombia se registo un lesionado. la seleccion de costa rica ya tiene a todos sus legionarios, el ultimo en llegar fue alvaro saborio. en las grandes ligas los yanquis de nueva york le dieorn una paliza a los orioles de baltimore 10-2. cc sabatia tolero una carrera en siete entradas para llevarse su decima sexta victoria en la temporda mientras que alex rodriguez conecto su imparable 2,500 de su carrera ademas de remolcar cuatro carreras para la victoria de nueva york. los yanquis sumaron seis triunfos enfila y tienen record de 34-11 desde el juego de las estrellas. esta noche, por
williams and kim clijster in the semi's for a spot in the championship. serena down a set and down two points from the match. called for a foot fault. basically allowed three temper tantrums per match. she had been called twice, one warning and one point. if you get called the third time, that is automatic disqualification, watch what happens. >> [bleep] -- [bleep] -- [bleep] -- >> you rarely see the crowd turn on either the williams sisters or any american, but they did. serena wasn't done with the line judge, who appealed to the court judgment, who appealed to the tournament referee and it got bad for serena. >> i didn't say i would kill you, are you serious? >> yeah, you did. >> are you serious? i didn't say that. >> serena williams disqualified in the semi-finals of the u.s. open in a winnable match. she was down, but just a couple points. you never know what happens in the third. afterward, potentially made another mistake talking to the media and didn't apologize for her actions. >> well, i said something that gave me a point penalty and it was on match point. maybe she didn't un
may occur. >>> the williams sisters of tennis, venus and serena, winning the women's doubles title today at the u.s. open here in new york. that's doubles mind you. singles was another story. you don't have to follow tennis to have heard what serena williams did in her singles match. her violent and profane outburst on live television and later much seen on the web cost her the match, handed the title to a competitor with an interesting personal story. our story tonight from nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: it was a shocking ending. serena williams unleashed a fiery outburst during saturday's semifinal match. >> [ bleep ] take this ball and -- >> reporter: in a rare call. a lines person penalized williams saying her foot was over the service line. williams angry reaction deemed threatening led to a point penalty and that handed kim clijsters the match. williams the three time defending u.s. open champion was fined $10,000 plus $500 for an earlier fit of anger. in a news conference afterwards she denied threatening anyone. >> i don't remember anymore to be honest. i was in the momen
afghans being involved in any alleged plot to attack the united states. >>> this just in. serena williams is sorry. try as she may, williams cannot escape the controversy around her tirade directed towards a line judge. serena says she was in the moment and doesn't really remember the now infamous outburst. williams was fined $10,000 for that. also, separate fine of $500 for racket abuse. serena's apology tour continues this morning and will be our guest at 8:15 eastern. make sure you are around for that. >>> the house formally reprim d reprimanding joe wilson for saying you lie. that outburst stoked some of the public protests against the president. now former president jimmy carter is saying the majority offing the aingering directed at the president is because he's a black man. listen. >> overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity towards president barack obama is based on the fact that he's a black man. that he's african-american. >> joining me to talk about this is malika henderson. joining us on the phone, leslie sanchez, republican strategist. jimmy carter's stat
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